New Hardware. New Kernel. New Future.

Serenum is my solution to the ‘Thirty Million Line Problem’. The intention is to start a completely distinct computing platform. Hardware and Operating System sold together. On top, let us build the future.

As far as I can tell OS design for the past 40 years has been centered around drivers. This is what the micro-kernel/monolithic debate is all about. I do not believe in drivers. In the Serene future there will be no drivers. With this insight we can move on to real innovation in OS design. Build computers that work today and a century from tomorrow.

A version of the system was demoed at Handmade Seattle 2023. You can watch both the demo video and the q&a that followed.

Buy Now

The system is available to purchase in my webshop, orders are shipped out within 1-2 weeks. You receive the physical device and power cable which you connect to a keyboard and hdmi monitor of your own. After that you can start using the system right away. Updates are sent out to users when there is a new release.

If you want to follow the project you can watch me stream on Twitch, join the Discord, or you can follow my blog. Blog posts specific to serenum such as release notes are listed below.