InterstellarOS is no more

InterstellarOS is no more.

But only because it has been replaced by something better.

As things have evolved in my head I have come to the conclusion that I can deliver a lot more value to the world by switching gears and aiming for something else. A full OS, non posix compliant to the core. An operating system for the 2020s and beyond. I shant reviel to much now however much of my inspiration comes from thoughts Jonathan Blow has expressed on stream. Programs can’t do things like just look at the file system. That way most of your security issues go away. The OS has no drivers(for 99.99% of usecases). This then means that this OS can’t run on normal hardware. I have intentions to develop a risc-v based system with support for the OS. That way the company behind this whole endevour can make money by selling the hardware of the system, maintaining the OS as free software. Suffice to say, the journey will be long and cold, but the reward at stake is bigger than you can imagine.

“InterstellarOS is no more” was written by Sam H Smith on the 31st of March 2021, 2021-03-31.

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