Two weeks ago I discovered this online service someone had created, The gist of the service is as follows, you have monero and want to buy something online from a fiat store, so you pay anonshop with monero to buy it for you. Additionally you can have increased privacy by doing this. To quote the alternatives from the site:

1. Amazon Locker Delivery

Your order is made to an Amazon Locker near you. This method requires does not need an address, email, or other personal information. This method can only be used to purchase items shipped by Amazon and also has size restrictions.

2. Home Address Delivery

Your order is shipped directly to your house. You can also get up to a 8% discount on your order using this option. This method requires a delivery address but can be used for any major retailer and is more convenient. Most major retailers offer a wish list function that would hide your address from the earner.

3. Package Forwarding

If you want to hide your name and address from an online retailer you can use this option. We order the item to us, and then we ship the item to you. This way no one knows what you bought but us. We charge 8% of the item price, plus shipping to you for this option. If you want to place a package forwarding order, you should place an address order and add a note that you want Package Forwarding for your order.

I needed to refil my supply of Mastic Gum and used this opportunity to test option 2. Paying in monero was a breeze as usual. Because an account on the site would hurt anonymity, you are given a 8 word passphrase after placing the order and before you pay. I took a picture of mine and thought nothing more of it, until yesturday my order arrived.

In summary then, I think it is a great service at a very generous price. It is also an essential tool if one wants to start exiting the fiat world. With this service I could have still ordered things I needed when my bank accounts were frozen. I would recommend you all to try the service at least once. We want to support these things before the storm so that they are around when you desperately need them.